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Learn How Real Estate Deals Are Really Funded

The Smart Money Blueprint is an innovative and all inclusive education program, with a step by step guide on how to capitalize on the interactions between investors and private and/or hard money lenders. In other words, the Smart Money Blueprint will teach you how to make money selling money.

  • Volume 1: Everything You Need to Know About Private Money Loans

    In this series you will learn everything you need to know about Private Loans and Hard Money lending. You will learn definitions, terminology, and key phrases. You will learn what to expect when dealing with investors and Private Money Lenders. You will also be introduced to the different loan programs, the people behind the scenes, how the Real Estate lending industry actually works.... and all of it's secrets!

  • Volume 2: How to Make Money Selling Money

    In this series, you will take everything you have learned and apply it so you can start making money. You will know how to properly structure your business, implement the most lucrative marketing strategies the industries best sales people use to close millions of dollars a year, and how to run the entire operation with automation doing most of the work for you.

  • Volume 3: Hacking Money to Start & Scale Your Personal Portfolio

    In this series you will take all the different strategies used in the way you sell money, to build your own personal portfolio utilizing the trips, tricks and secrets you have learned. You will also learn how to structure the loan to walk into the perfect deal every time. And finally, you will take all the strategies learned from the investors you have funded, and apply it to scaling your own multi million dollar rental portfolio.

Course curriculum

    1. Debunking Myths

    2. Ch 2 Module 1 Quiz

    3. Basic Terminology, Acronyms and Definitions

    4. Ch 2 Module 2 Quiz

    5. Expectations When Borrowing Private Money

    6. Ch 2 Module 3 Quiz

    7. Am I Approved? Factors that Drive Terms, Leverage, and Approval

    8. Ch 2 Module 4 Quiz

    9. Cash Transactions vs. Leveraging Private Money

    10. Local vs National Private Money lenders

    11. Chapter 2 Quiz

    12. New Student Survey

    1. Standard Documents Required for a Private Money Loan

    2. Ch 3 Module 1 Quiz

    3. Soft Costs: How it Impacts Your Rehab Budget

    4. Ch 3 Module 2 Quiz

    5. Appraisals: How it impacts your loan

    6. Ch 3 Module 3 Quiz

    7. Importance of your Schedule of Real Estate owned / Experience

    8. Ch 3 Module 4 Quiz

    9. How to Properly Calculate Your Out-of-Pocket Costs

    10. Ch 3 Module 5 Quiz

    11. How to Properly Document Your Rehab Scope / Construction Budget

    12. Ch 3 Module 6 Quiz

    13. Functions and Roles in the Lending Process

    14. Chapter 3 Quiz

    1. Bridge Loans: Everything You need to know

    2. Ch 4 Module 1 Quiz

    3. Fix & Flip Loans: Everything you need to know

    4. Ch 4 Module 2 Quiz

    5. AirBnB loans: Everything You Need to Know

    6. Ch 4 Module 3 Quiz

    7. Long Term Rental Loans: Everything You Need to Know

    8. Ch 4 Module 4 Quiz

    9. New Construction: Everything You Need to Know

    10. Ch 4 Module 5 Quiz

    11. Raw Land & Development: Everything you need to know

    12. Chapter 4 Quiz

    1. Creatively structuring your exit refinance

    2. Ch 5 Module 1 Quiz

    3. Balancing Money Out Versus Money In

    4. Ch 5 Module 2 Quiz

    5. Understanding the Draw Process

    6. Chapter 5 Quiz

    1. Smart Money – What is it and How to Apply it

    2. Ch 6 Module 1 Quiz

    3. LNH Capital Loan Programs

    4. Be OK With……

    5. The Truth about Private Money: Behind the Scenes

    6. Volume 2 Preview: How to Hack Private Money to start, grow and scale your real estate investing business

    7. Chapter 6 Quiz

About this course

  • 101 lessons
  • 17.5 hours of video content
  • Dedicated coaching
  • Weekly mastermind calls
  • Support to help close your first 10 transactions

What Past Students Are Saying...

5 star rating

Awesome class

Victor Tolbert

This course is amazing and eye opening to the industry and hack 💎 to help grow business. Big thanks

This course is amazing and eye opening to the industry and hack 💎 to help grow business. Big thanks

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5 star rating

Relationships are King!

Seneca Dunmore

I always say, "the quickest pathway to financial capital is SOCIAL CAPITAL!"

I always say, "the quickest pathway to financial capital is SOCIAL CAPITAL!"

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Know the Money, Control the Money

No need to fake it until you make it. The Smart Money Blueprint is your ultimate guide to learning how real estate investing really works.

  • Learn how to 10x your real estate business by leveraging debt for your acquisitions

  • Become an expert on your loan! Learn the terms and definitions, factors diving approval, docs required and what impacts your numbers

  • Master your rehab/construction budget and know how to properly manage your rehab funds

  • Understand the loan process and how soft costs and appraisals can impact your loan amounts

  • Detailed breakdown of 6 major loan programs and everything you need to know to navigate them

  • Preview into Volume 2 - Make Money Selling Money

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